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Principal Capacity Planning Engineer, Financial Services, Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ · Architecture/Engineering

Our client, safeguards the financial markets and helps them run efficiently, in times of prosperity and crisis. We are uniquely positioned at the center of global trading activity, processing over 100 million financial transactions every day, pioneering industry-wide, post-trade solutions and maintaining multiple data and operating centers worldwide. 



  • The Principal Capacity Planning Engineer for Mainframe works directly with a team responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting mainframe processing capacity 
  • The successful candidate will collect system resource data along with business volume data for analysis using sound data science principles.
  • The Principal Capacity Planning Engineer is skilled in which types of data are used in Capacity Planning, as well as the sources and tools used to collect, validate, and then process required data.
  • A solid background in both descriptive and inferential statistics is imperative to extrapolate insight from large quantities of raw data using SAS software on the mainframe and in distributed environments.


  • Monthly Mainframe Capacity Report including
  • Measurement of system resources usage for all LPARs
  • Usage Trends, Top-N lists, Peak Profiles, Threshold Exception, etc.
  • Prepare and Present Monthly Mainframe Capacity Planning Review meeting documents.
  • Annual Mainframe Capacity Report
  • Resource usage by Application System ID
  • Collection and reporting of business volume data from multifaceted sources
  • Resource Forecasting and monthly review of forecasts to actuals
  • Risk assessments of utmost market conditions for selected business streams
  • Consultations with Capacity Stress Test team (includes reviews of their reporting)
  • Produce/update a Business Process Requirements document for selected business stream.
  • Correlation Analysis, Business volume to System Resources
  • Pattern Recognition / Detection of outliers
  • Linear / Logistic Regression, ARIMA forecasts, integrating projections with forecast data.
  • Quarterly report generation for the IT Governance Committee
  • Produce documentation, test results as requested by the Model Validation Committee
  • Policy procedure documentation with supporting evidence for regulatory, audit bodies
  • Ensure the successful daily processing / reporting of 30 different MICS units split by LPAR and work type.
  • Examples: SMF/RMF component, CICS, DB2, MQ, mainframe web logs
  • Apply MICS maintenance to support new processors, z/OS operating systems and general updates.
  • Ensure the successful daily processing of multiple processing streams split by LPAR and work type.
  • Resolve CPU and Storage usage by application system ID.
  • Monthly delivery of daily data to for chargeback processing and reporting


  • Minimum of 8 years of related experience
  • Bachelor's degree in mathematics/statistics subject area preferred or equivalent experience.
  • Expertise in mainframe technology and components (CECs, LPARs, JCL, automated scheduling software)
  • Expertise in analysis of mainframe capacity / performance data (SMF, RMF, CICS, DB2, MQ)
  • Excellent analytical skills including data exploration, analysis, and production of models.
  • MICS experience required.
  • SAS experience required.
  • HTML, JSON experience is highly desirable.
  • Strong MS Office skills, in particular sophisticated PowerPoint, and Excel skills


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