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Senior Manager Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics

Kennewick, WA · Manufacturing
Ensures health and safety of workers through investigating and examining work areas for potential ergonomic, chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Is responsible for necessary inspections, monitoring, investigation, identification of appropriate controls, and needed medical surveillance programs to ensure exposures are eliminated or minimized to safe levels.
Ensures facility health and safety leaders have effective facility industrial hygiene plans.
Ensure facility health and safety leaders have effective ergonomic programs.
Conducts or oversees site health and safety surveys/projects:
Plans and samples air, dusts, liquids and industrial materials; use direct reading instruments for measurement of noise, non-ionizing radiation, vibration, temperatures and chemical contamination: Conducts ergonomic assessments of job tasks.
Prepare reports; analyze and evaluate findings and/or laboratory data concerning ergonomic and occupational health hazards.
Interpret findings and recommendations of ergonomic and IH surveys.
Consult with management to implement appropriate controls.
Provides technical and professional direction for facility occupational health and safety leaders to appropriately conduct site technical field sampling and job functional analyses, reports, and establish controls and monitoring.
Selects and trains health and safety leaders on use of company ergonomic and IH monitoring equipment and its maintenance.
Advises technically on creation or reviews of ergonomic, health and IH-related EHS standards to ensure compliance to corporate standards and local regulations, ensure accurate IH approaches to hazard control methodology are used, and effective monitoring and measuring is being conducted.
Participates in audits, where assigned, of facility Industrial hygiene programs as well as EHS Core and non-core programs.
Participates in incident investigations where root cause may not be obvious or unknown.
Coordinate with outside agencies, medical director(s), and contractors, including pollution control agencies, pesticide contractors, disposal contractors concerning hazardous wastes, and public or employee work exposures as needed.
BS Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics, or closely related field
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or Certified Safety Professional (CSP) preferred
8+ Years experience w/BS or 5+ Years w/ Masters Degree,
Strong communication/presentation skills and the proven ability to motivate leaders and lead a team.
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